Adaptive Living Skills

Student Voices

"I like the Library and I like our books a lot." - Austin (Student)

We believe in fostering our students’ interests to prepare for lifelong learning and success in the world of social relationships, work, independent living, and leisure.   Current research on adults with challenges in language, learning and social-problem solving skills indicates that even when their education is complete, and they are in the workforce, issues of isolation and depression persist.  It is also well-documented that they may lead less healthful adult lives, developing higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.  To address these issues, we teach independent living skills such as home maintenance, art and cooking.  Experiential learning makes lessons memorable and provides much-needed practice.  

Literacy is also an important part of our curriculum and one that our students thoroughly enjoy.  In addition to the School Library, students have access at the Juvenile Reading Room of the Philip Weltner Library of Oglethorpe University.